November 18, 2015

The recording process continues, with one more song to be recorded this coming week.   It is a slow blues tune written by me.  I’ve called upon Eric Selby and Barry Warsaw once again for drums and bass.  I’ve also asked Mike Dutton, a long time DC Area blues guitarist, to join us for this last song.

I want to thank Steph Paynes for some amazing lead guitar tracks on the first four songs.  I also want to thank my long time friend, Lenny Castro, for providing percussion on those same tracks.

The post production process will soon begin, which includes Mixing, Mastering and production of the physical 5 song EP.

I’m hopeful it will all be completed by the end of the year, but since good things take time, I’m not rushing it.

I hope that everyone likes the new edge in my overall sound.  As an artist, I’ve felt the need for musical growth.

I’ve wanted to release a recording which will showcase my songwriting, my voice and my guitar.

Soon you will be able to hear the fruits of my labor.

Stay Tuned.